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Five good reasons for selecting the VEX4000

There are many good reasons for choosing a VEX4000 unit for your next project. Here are just five of them.

Extremely high energy efficiency

With the VEX4000 you can satisfy the international 2020 requirements by means of EC motor technology and a condensation efficiency level exceeding 90 %.

Minimal noise level

One of the quietest fan impellers on the market combined with EC motors provides extremely low noise levels.

Compact design

The modules in the VEX4000 series set new standards for compact ventilation units.

Simple installation

Your unit is assembled before or after delivery with assembly fittings and detailed mounting instructions. Assembling a ventilation unit has never been easier!

Easy configuration with unique design program

With EXselectPRO you can put together your own unit with the modules you need for your project. This gives you a unique product - regardless of the task in hand.

Design your ventilation system to your own specification

With capacities from 1,050 to 36,000 m³/h, you will always find a solution to suit your needs

With so many combinations, there's always a solution

The many modules in the VEX4000 series each have their own function, but can be adapted to each other. This means you can put together your own ventilation unit to fit your exact needs and wishes, while still preserving the same overall width and height. You can also choose whether your unit will be a LEFT or RIGHT version.

The modules and their functions

Read more about all the modules and the accessories available for VEX4000

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– advanced control for optimum operation

The integral EXcon control system in the VEX4000 controls airflow, heating, cooling and humidification, etc., but it is the user who determines how and when the control system will switch between the integral functions.


  • Automatic changeover from summer to winter
  • Weekly program controlled by internal timer
  • Heating coil with frost monitoring
  • Constant operation
  • Timer-controlled extended or intensified operation
  • External start and stop
  • Program updating
  • Monitoring of 20 systems via portal solution (option)

Control forms

  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Slave (extract air and supply air)
  • CO2

Temperature regulation

  • Constant supply air temperature
  • Constant extract air temperature
  • Constant room temperature
  • Constant difference between extract air and supply air
  • Summer and winter compensation
  • Recirculated air heating (option)
  • Summer night cooling

Operate the system when you want, where you want

The EXcon control system gives the user the freedom to operate the unit from a website with a personal login, by entering a weekly ventilation program, or if necessary, by overriding or deviating from the weekly program.

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Unique project planning with EXselectPRO

Whatever your project, the VEX4000 is up to the job, and with our design program EXselectPRO, you can combine and compose the ventilation system to fit your own requirements. At the same time, the program provides you with detailed technical data, dimensional sketches and energy calculations and labels. Easily and simply!

Read about our standard combinations and how to get started.

Installation has never been easier

Once you have configured you’re VEX4000 unit, you can choose to have it delivered in two different ways.

1. The unit is supplied ready-assembled

If the unit is supplied ready-assembled, EXHAUSTO will make sure that all modules are correctly connected and assembled on the base frame.

2. Modules are supplied separately

In many cases it can be a benefit to receive the modules individually, for example if they need to be transported through doors or up stairways. For this reason, the VEX4000 has been specially designed for ease of assembly.

Certified performance

The VEX4000 series takes account of the industry's principal rules and standards.


VEX4000 is Eurovent-certified, and as part of the certification process, the data in EXselectPRO is being verified.


An application has been filed on behalf of the VEX4000 for the German RLT certification scheme, and as part of the certification process, the data in EXselectPRO is being verified.


The VEX4000 has been developed in accordance with the German Hygiene Standard VDI6022. This standard describes how the product can be protected from microbial growth by ease of cleaning etc.

VEX4000 - a revolutionary new product!

The VEX4000 may be a new range - but its development is based on the same knowledge and expertise in making quality products which the market has known and prized for decades.

The ZCN range

is known for its solid, well-made construction and not least for the ZerAx fan, without doubt the most energy-efficient solution on the market.

The SMART series

with its wide capacity range and advanced control system, has been a leader on the Norwegian market for many years.

The VEX series (VEX 100/200/300)

with its compact design and optimum energy utilisation, is the result of the knowledge, expertise and innovation which has put EXHAUSTO at the forefront of the ventilation field for over 50 years.

In other words;
we have combined the best of the three series into a new single series - the VEX4000 series - which with capacities from 1,050 right up to 36,000 m³/h and unique configuration options covers practically the whole ventilation field.

Your ventilation expert and professional business partner

At EXHAUSTO we never compromise on quality, and since we are experts in ventilation with many years of specialised experience, you can be assured of not just the best ventilation solution but also a competent business partner.

EXHAUSTO develops and manufactures high-quality products and systems for comfort ventilation in all areas of use – from offices, shops, schools and institutions to industrial buildings, hotels and hospitals. With a focus on high efficiency ratings and an energy consumption which sets new industry standards, EXHAUSTO is one of the absolute leaders of the field.

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